Yext Calls – Still A Great Solution for Businesses

Over the past 4 years, Yext Calls (pay-per-call advertising for small businesses) has been the core of our business. Through our well-established network and our sophisticated technology which lets businesses pay only for qualified leads, we’ve helped businesses in many verticals increase their marketing ROI to over 2000%,  and have grown Yext to a multi-million dollar business.

However, while Yext Calls works exceedingly well for a market of over 200,000 in ~25 business verticals (including vets, locksmiths and chiropractors), there are millions of businesses where it simply doesn’t make sense because phone transactions are not a common part of their business.

I realize that Yext Calls may lose some of its attention with the advent of PowerListings. However, this in no way means that Calls is going away. In fact, I believe whole-heartedly that Calls will continue to add tremendous value to our existing customers and those who work with us in the future. In fact, here are some characteristics of businesses that can greatly benefit from using Yext Calls:

  • Businesses that can monetize a phone call from customers: Yext Calls converts prospects on the internet to relevant phone calls… and our clients work hard to turn these phone calls into customers. We provide recordings and transcriptions of every call, which allows businesses to monitor the efficiency of their staff in handling calls and can be a powerful training tool (we’ve routinely seen businesses replace their front desk staff after hearing how customers were turned away.)
  • You have a paid advertising budget: Paid advertising such as PPC or display ads, common marketing tools for businesses nowadays, are difficult to maintain and analyze for ROI. Yext Calls offers you the transparency to know exactly how much your paying for each call and whether those calls are resulting in sales – a much easier channel to manage than most online advertising.
  • You’re a local business: If proximity to your business is a key factor in whether someone becomes a customer, then Yext Calls becomes even more powerful. Searchers are much more likely to click on a PPC ad than they are to call a business to verify that it’s actually close enough to them. This can cause your PPC campaigns costs to skyrocket. Since you pay only for qualified calls, Yext Calls can add a ton of value to local businesses.
  • Yext Calls serves your business vertical: We know which types of businesses Calls works over 3 years of refining our model. If we’ve established your business vertical in Calls and have a directory for it, we know that pay-per-call can work wonders for your business and have the case studies to prove it.

I hope that this post was helpful in explaining why Yext has decided to expand beyond Yext Calls, and how we still might be able to help your business. Have any questions I didn’t address? Be sure to ask them in the comments below, and I’ll respond as quickly as possible.


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