Foursquare Launches Tip Lists – Key for Brands?

foursquareToday location-based platform Foursquare launched a new feature that allows brands to create a list of their best tips.

These lists can be created by individuals or in collaboration with others. With the recent growth that the service has seen, it has gotten increasingly difficult to filter out the noise. Now, individuals can easily share their tips among friends with similar tastes.

Brands are likely to be the biggest benefactors from the new feature as it will allow them to curate interesting and relevant locations as well as tips that pertain to their target demographic.

Local deal sites like Groupon and Living Social have seen significant success in generating new customers for businesses but many question how effective they are at creating repeat customers. Foursquare and others such as SVNGR have been searching for ways to provide ongoing value to their user-base.

Whether or not tip lists will gain wide-spread popularity remains to be determined, but brands’ interest in local marketing will continue to encourage innovation in the space. What do you think is the best way for brands to approach local marketing?


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