Local Businesses Take Advantage of Earthquake 2K11

It took less than 37 seconds for local businesses to take advantage of the recent east coast earthquake to drive traffic to their business. Being from California, I scoffed at the recent 5.8 but found it entertaining as many of my colleagues swiftly made their way to the elevator (the last place you want to be in an earthquake) to escape the dangers of our office.

Quicker than you could say “aftershock” restaurants were updating their chalkboard street signs with updated drink specials. Seeing as how this was the first earthquake experience for many New Yorkers, it makes sense that many of them might be a little frazzled. What better way to take your mind off the recent #Earthquakepocalypse then enjoy a refreshing beverage at your favorite local hang out.

Along with the updated street signs, businesses also turned to Twitter to spread news of their recent specials. Here are a few tweets from some local New York City hot spots:

@BBQNYC: Hey people WE ARE SERIOUS. We are having an earthquake party. If you have been evacuated join us for 20% off Milkshakes!

@wichcraft: you guys keep tweeting about the #earthquake—we’re just going to savor our afternoon iced latte. all coffee/tea drinks are 1/2off until 6pm!

@Macelleria: #TYKU Earthquake special in our very safe bunker-like space. 2 for 1 Shochu Martinis (equals exactly $5.90 each)

@DestinationBar: Earthquake after-party? Today from 3pm to whenever. Just no shots of AfterShock.

What can local businesses learn from this?

More and more people are becoming engaged in real time social media. Businesses with well established social media presences are in a perfect position to take advantage of events as soon as they occur. Being able to jump on a hot trend such as the earthquake can result in a large amount of exposure for absolutely no marketing spend.

Did your business perform any marketing activity around the recent earthquake? Leave your ideas in the comments below?


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