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yext teamI have been in sales for nearly my entire career. Over the past 10 years I have held positions in inside sales, outside sales, sales training,  leadership and management.  I have a passion for the people and the process.  In my experience, having the ability to offer an incredible product with visible results makes every facet of sales just that much easier.  I spent my first four years with Yext building our Calls Division, helping the company grow from a fledgling start up to the second largest pay-per-call company in the U.S.   After formulating the idea for PowerListings with the executive team in the middle of 2010, Howard asked me what my thoughts on this new product were.  My immediate response was “it’s so simple that it has to work”.  Although at the time I had no idea the complexities involved in making a service like this function, this was simply just one of those “must have” services for any business.

warning signFor those that read this blog regularly you will know that Yext is out to fix the business listings problem.  Our mission is to make business listings simple.  The problem that most business owners face is that controlling all of the content for their business online can be nearly impossible.  Whether the business name isn’t showing properly, the hours are wrong, or even worse the listing is showing an old address or wrong phone number, having incorrect information online can cripple a business.  PowerListings not only fixes these issues within 24-48 hours, but also gives a business owner the ability to control all of their content shared across the premium partners.   Once the PowerListings are created special offers, services and photos can be shared, updated and added in near real time.

In today’s market place there are almost an infinite number of places for owners to spend their marketing dollars.  Businesses are bombarded with PPC campaigns, SEO Specialists, Web Designers etc… but few can actually have a legitimate impact on their business.  PowerListings results can be seen in as little as 48 hours.  In the 24/7 “need it now”  culture we live in, consumers want their information fast and accurate when making a buying decision.    To keep up with demand, business owners need a centralized platform to control their content and information across all of the places that really matter.  Finally with PowerListings business owners have their solution.

Without question PowerListings is one the most rewarding products a salesperson can offer.  Being able to offer a solution to a problem that a typical business owner cannot handle themselves, and having the proof that your solution works is invaluable.  Each day my team feeds off the energy created by the customers they are helping.  They share success stories with one another and are able to point to hundreds of examples of businesses that are now showing correctly and ranking higher across our partners because of PowerListings.    With the success of their clients they are fueled to try and help even more business owners every day.  Below are just a few customer testimonials we have received:

Yext helped me get my business listed across the web with very little effort on my part! They are so worth the time savings, compared to contacting multiple websites to get my business listed on each and every one of them. The time savings alone paid for their service!

Thank you so much,

My business moved 3 times in 8 years so my information on the web was all over the place. Thanks to YEXT it is all correct and I feel in control!  Great return on my investment!

Mo Wolfe owner Evolution Pilates

The Special Offer is great, it’s so easy to use and we can update offers quickly, giving us an edge on our competition!

Susanna Hagar
Community Builders Inc.

Sales can be very rewarding but at the same time can be a thankless job.  Seeing the effect our product has and most importantly hearing what our customers have to say about us, makes coming in to work every day all that much sweeter.  We as a team look forward to helping all of the 20,000,000 local businesses located in the U.S solve their business listing problem.


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