Welcome to the newest members of our engineering team!


This week the last 2 members of our 2011 college recruiting class started.  Both of them are off to a very fast start, having committed and deployed code each day this week.  Jeff Grossman, on the far left, graduated from Carnegie Mellon and David Wen, on the far right, joined us from MIT.  We hire only the best engineers, regardless of specific skills and experience, and expect them to pick up all of the languages we use and systems we have quickly.

At Yext, we have 3 core values: Think Big, Learn Fast, and Get Stuff Done.  Our engineering team embodies each of these values.

We have big goals at Yext, and we know that our ability to build, operate, and evolve our software as new opportunities arise will be a key factor in our success.  As we iterated on product ideas over the last year, we were able to test a large number of products in the market due to this ability, and landed on PowerListings after seeing its marketplace pull.

Everyone on the team is expected to learn quickly, both about new technologies and the way our business operates.  We staff our projects very dynamically, so no one member of the team is “the XYZ system” guy.  Each new project brings new challenges, and everyone has to rise to that challenge for the company to grow and be successful.

As a team we have a bias to action and completion of changes small and large.  In order to create an environment where this is possible our engineers are responsible for their work from end to end.  Each team does its own technical design, implementation, test, deployment, and verification.  Doing this enables small changes to be done in minutes and large changes to be done as quickly as possible, with no waiting for resources from other teams.

We’re looking to grow our engineering team.  If the environment and challenges sound like something you’re interested in, please email engineering-jobs@eng.yext.com with your resume.


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