Sheraton Downtown Denver Incorrectly Listed as Permanently Closed on Google

A few minutes ago, while checking my final travel arrangements to travel to the DMS ’11 Kelsey Conference which is taking place in the Sheraton Downtown Denver, I looked up the address in Google.  You can probably imagine my shock and amazement when the very hotel of the conference was listed as “permanently closed” on Google.  Given that this is a conference about local search and yellow pages listings, I can only surmise one of two things: either this is a clever ruse by someone to prove a point to the local search  influencers attending this conference, or yet another of the countless examples of the listings problem as reported by the NY Times a couple of weeks ago.

After the article, we reached out to Coffee Rules Lounge, the affected business to give them free PowerListings across our premium network.  I just ran a business listings diagnostic for their business post signing up for Yext PowerListings. and everything is fixed.  Check out their listing on MapQuest, or on SuperPages, or on Yelp.  Compared to how this looked before, I think this is massively welcome improvement.

I ran a Yext PowerListings scan for the Sheraton Downtown Denver, and they have more listings problems across our premium partner sites.  I’m going to reach out to them for a complimentary fix as well.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

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