Yext Engineers Kick Off Fall Campus Recruiting!

sean macisaacToday marks the beginning of our fall campus recruiting season, and I am super psyched about finding some great new people to join our team!

It’s hard to believe that most of our engineers have only been here one year, especially because they’ve accomplished so much.

Here is a small sample of the projects our Summer 2010 new hires have accomplished:

  • Austin Chu (MIT ’08) developed a cloud computing platform that manages all of our production systems across all of our computers and datacenters
  • Joel Stein (MIT ’10) built the infrastructure that delivers our listings to our partner network, and over half of the internet users in the United States
  • Sam Gross (MIT ’10) developed a system for producing customized listings reports for our huge enterprise customers – these reports play a key role in our sales process, and the growth of our company!
  • Rich Hong (CMU ’10) designed, implemented, and launched our iPhone app, which lets business owners update their listings from their phone (including photos!)
  • Jeremy Smith (MIT ’09) designed and built a listing verification engine which prevents spammers from creating fraudulent listings
  • Manoj Kintali (CMU ’10) has been managing our technical relationships and integrating with over two dozen partner companies – he works with hundreds of engineers across the industry!

While this record is astounding, we need even more great engineers to help us take Yext and PowerListings to the next level.

We’re looking for people who are ready to take on major responsibilities while learning from some of the best engineers in the industry.

If you’re ready to launch your career at a disruptive, energetic start-up with a close-knit team of superstar engineers, we’d love to hear from you!

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