Are Your Business Listings Ready for the Holiday Season?

As we head into the holiday season, all signs point to a strong showing in terms of ecommerce spending. According to MasterCard Advisors “SpendingPulse” report, estimated online retail sales have grown 14% year-over-year. If these trends continue, it is likely that this year’s holiday sales will be on par or above last year’s. Given the large amount of uncertainty with regards to the economic recovery, this is great news for businesses with an online presence.

According to eMarketer, 67% of consumers researched online before making a purchase. If you’ve already taken the steps to optimize your listings for mobile and local search, then you’re well on your way to getting found. The next step is convincing potential customers to choose your business above all the rest. Here are a couple of ways you can encourage shoppers to choose your store during their holiday shopping.

Include Your Hours of Operation In Your Business Listing

The last thing you want a potential customer to do is trek all the way down to your store, only to find out that you aren’t open. Yes, they could call your store in advance to find out your business hours, but why not make it easy on them and include your hours of operation right in your business listing. This quick addition to your listing might be the reason they choose your store instead of your competitors across town.

hours of operationInclude Enhanced Content

I’ve talked before about the importance of using images in your business listings. This, along with a detailed business description, is going to help your potential customer during their research process. The more information that you provide to a searcher during their research process, the more likely they are to make a purchase when they get to your store.

detailed business descriptionInclude a Special Offer

This last tip applies mainly to the PowerListings customers out there, since most directories don’t let you include a special offer. PowerListings publishers, however, allow PowerListings customers to include a short, 50 character message to share any deals or specials that they might be running.

special offer

Holiday shoppers are becoming very good at using the web to find the best deals. If you’re running any promotions to attract customers, you should make sure that potential customers can see them when they are searching for your business.


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