Are Your Business Listings Ready for the iPhone 4S?

yelp siriThis week Apple will release its new iPhone 4S. Regardless of whether you are excited or underwhelmed by the most recent version of the iPhone, one thing is certain, Apple is changing the local search game.

One of the biggest enhancements to Apple’s latest iPhone is the addition of Siri. Siri, is the iPhone’s virtual assistant, which helps users find whatever they want.

Trying to find a delicious Greek restaurant in Palo Alto? Just ask Siri, and she’ll respond with a number of restaurants and their rating on Yelp.

Why is this important for small business owners?

The fact that Siri uses Yelp reviews to rank its recommendations makes maintaining your local listings on Yelp that much more important. Once again we see an alternative to Google Places having a huge impact on the local search environment. If your listings are missing or incorrect your business is going to miss out the 100+ million iPhone owners that are searching for local businesses from their mobile device.

Now, it’s even more important than ever to enhance your listings on Yelp, connect and nurture relationships with customers, and encourage visitors to write reviews about the great experience they had doing business with you. Siri can’t visit your business, so she’s going to use the experiences of others to determine which businesses she recommends.

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