Are Daily Deals Worth It (Infographic)?

As consumers, Daily Deals from sites like Groupon make our lives much more exciting, not to mention, much cheaper. From the perspective of a small business owner, though, there are pros and cons. We are here (with help from an infographic by BuySellAds) to help you decide whether or not daily deals are a good idea for your business!


  • Billions of dollars are spent on Daily Deals sites every year, with huge projected growth in the next few years
  • Your emails won’t go in the trash: 60% of people subscribed to Daily Deals sites check for Daily Deals emails at least once a day.
  • Daily Deals bring in 31% new customers for your business.
  • Few repeat customers. Though Daily Deals get people in the door, most small businesses say they are disappointed with their number of returning customers.
  • Not much spending: most customers spend the exact amount of their Deal or less.
  • The bubble may burst. 55% of Daily Deals subscribers report that they feel overwhelmed with the number of daily emails they receive. These people may unsubscribe from Daily Deals emails in the future.
Daily Deals sites get new customers in the door, but your job is to make their experience so memorable that they come back. Also, try limiting the number of Daily Deals coupons your business accepts per day, to make sure you’re not overwhelmed by discounts.
About half of all business that use Daily Deals sites say they would do it again. Has your business ever offered discounts on a Daily Deals site? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments!


groupon infographic
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