Thanks to Our Customers!

Given this time of year, we have a lot to be thankful for; our devoted team here at Yext, the partnerships we’ve built with the top search and directory sites and most importantly, our loyal customers.  Having passed over 30,000 locations last week, our customers are ultimately what keep us thinking big, learning fast and getting stuff done.  The client support team takes large strides in providing extraordinary customer service, but there’s a very big difference between servicing a customer and maintaining a happy customer.

We are moving beyond our instincts on what we think customers want and actually figuring out what they need.  We understand that customers deserve the most from our PowerListings product and identifying key trends from data ensures accuracy with future product decisions.  In analyzing this data effectively, it is imperative to keep constant communication with our customers and gain as much feedback in the easiest way possible.  This is where ZenDesk comes in.  ZenDesk is a support tool that syncs up with our internal software to create a central point of communication between customers and Yext support agents.  We are able to efficiently share this information between various departments internally so everything can be stored and viewed in one place.

Upon signing up with PowerListings, clients have the ability to log into their ZenDesk account to customize their profile, view past contact with support agents and search knowledge base articles for assistance without having to call or e-mail.  Customers may search various topics by keywords and vote on articles they found helpful.  Customers are also prompted to leave written feedback when a pending issue has been solved based upon their experience in dealing with a Yext support agent.

In addition, Yext is given an easy way to quickly identify and respond to issues, while tracking and record this data.  Article stats give us insight into how engaged our customers are with product, which articles are most useful to them, and the efficiency of our support agents.  We also are able to categorize pending client issues and view what percentage of calls are relating to which customer issues.  This not only helps our client service team address specific customer-facing issues, but it paints us a better picture of which features to build out next given those metrics.

If you have anything you want to see added to ZenDesk or ideas on how to improve, please e-mail and provide us your feedback.

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