Foursquare Wants to Help Users Explore

foursquareToday, Foursquare, the location based application that allows users to check-in to venues and earn badges, has brought its Explore feature to the Web.

Up until now Foursquare has been about checking-in, claiming mayorships and earning badges. Now the company hopes to help people choose restaurants and other places to visit by leveraging all of the data they’ve collected since their launch. With over 1.5 billion check-ins and 15 million users Foursquare now has the capability to recommend venues based one your previous visits or the visits of your friends.

The service allows users to filter by places they have visited, places they haven’t visited and places their friends have visited. By expanding this feature Foursquare is joining a number of other businesses in the recommendation space including Yelp, Zagat and Frommer’s.

Marketing Takeaway:

Recommendations have always been an integral part of generating customers for any business. Now, instead of having to rely on individuals to spread the word about your business, Foursquare is taking the lead in sharing recommendations.

If your business information is missing or incorrect on Foursquare you’re missing a huge opportunity to generate new and return customers. Do you know how your business looks on Foursquare? Take a look for free here!


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