Mobile App Usage Overtakes Mobile Browser Usage

mobile internet usersWith 31.1% of the US population accessing the internet from their mobile device in 2011 and 36% projected to do so in 2012, it’s no surprise that local businesses are turning their focus to mobile.

From optimizing a business website for mobile displays to creating custom Foursquare specials to encouraging check-ins, local business owners are constantly finding new ways to increase mobile traffic and turn mobile users into revenue opportunities.

mobile content usage
The two previously mentioned mobile marketing examples set up a question that most business owners face and that has remained unanswered. Do I focus my efforts on the mobile web or mobile apps? For many business owners, time is a valuable and scarce resource. Many don’t have the time to pursue every channel they’d like to, and because of this picking the most effective channels is extremely important.

I have long preached the importance of optimizing your site for mobile search, but recent data from Comscore suggests that the tide has started in the direction of mobile apps. In November of 2011 44.9% of mobile subscribers used downloaded apps compared to 44.4% that used their mobile browser.

It’s still incredibly important to be able to get found on mobile search sites, but making sure your business can get found in mobile apps like Yelp, Foursquare, HopStop, WhereTo?, and many more is of equal and growing importance.


Luckily with the Yext Local Search Scorecard you can see how your business shows up on a number of local search sites as well as local mobile applications.

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