How To Set Up Your Google Plus Local Business Page

As a small business owner you most likely had a Google Places page to help customers find your business. Recently Google has decided to replace Google Places with the new Google+ Local pages. In order to simplify the switch from Google Places to Google+ Local we’ve come up with this step by step guide to setting up your business page.

The first thing you need to do is log into your Google+ account, or if you don’t have one, create one by going to Once you’ve logged in, hover over “more” in the lower left and click pages. Google Plus

Then click “create new page” select the local business or place category and enter your primary business phone number.

Create New Page

Then click locate. Google will automatically search for your business based on the phone number. If it finds a business listing you can select it and edit your information, agree to the terms, then click create. If your business is not found click “add your business to Google.”

Select Business

Then include your basic business information like your business name, number and address, scroll down, accept the terms, then click create.

Enter Info


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