Introducing the completely redesigned Yext iPhone app

Today, we are releasing a major update to the Yext iPhone app. The app is available for free on the app store for all Yext customers.

When we were working on the first version of the Yext iPhone app our goal was to make it incredibly easy for a business to update their business listings wherever and whenever they pleased.

Version 1 of our iPhone app was a huge success. Business owners could use the app to update Special Offers and upload photos to their listings with just a few taps. Specials could be tailored to current events, and photos could be added to a business’ listings to highlight popular items or changes in inventory.

This update features a completely redesigned interface and gives business owners even more control over their listings on the ever-expanding Yext Network. In addition to photos, business owners can now use the Yext app to upload videos directly to their listings. We’ll be posting a simple tutorial on this soon, so stay tuned!

Version 2 of the Yext app leverages a lot of what we’ve already built for The Next Yext, especially around multi-location management and support of large businesses. The new multi-location functionality allows business owners to make bulk-updates to all (or a select group) of their locations at one time. Want to create a special offer for your southern California locations? Simply select the locations you want to update and tap on the “Update Offer” button. Uploading photos or videos to multiple locations is just as easy!

Check out the screenshots below, and try the app today! If you enjoy it, please leave us a nice review!

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