Over 2,300 businesses updated locations during Hurricane Sandy with Yext

Last week, we shared that over 600 businesses used Yext to update their communities with critical location information within the first 24 hours of Hurricane Sandy making landfall. 6,000 Yext customers are in the communities left devastated by Sandy, and over 2,300 of these local businesses updated their listings using Yext since the start of the storm.

Businesses communicated changes to critical location data, such as operating hours and closings, special deals and even encouraging words for their neighbors. Here are a few examples:

  • The storm forced local businesses to change their operating hours and even close for several days. Almost 900 businesses updated their hours since the beginning of the storm.

  • Updating listings in real-time with services and offers related to Sandy made the businesses stand out online to help customers find relevant local businesses.

  • Over 1,400 businesses updated their listings with special offers and deals related to the storm to help customers prepare for and recover from Sandy.

  • Many businesses used their listings to share messages of well-wishing and hope with their local communities.

Sharing updated location information like operating hours and offering special deals in real-time helps customers and businesses alike. It will be weeks and months until the communities affected by Hurricane Sandy are restored, but local businesses are able to support their neighbors throughout the process.


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