Last-Minute Tips for Preparing Your Locations for the Holiday Season

Whether you are preparing for Black Friday or Small Business Saturday, this holiday shopping season is predicted to break records. By January, consumers are expected to spend $586.1 billion and more than 85% of those dollars will flow in-store.

Alison Paul, vice chairman and US retail & distribution sector leader at Deloitte, says “[r]etailers that integrate the power of the sensory experience in-store with relevant, timely information via their websites and mobile applications are well-positioned to lead the way this holiday season.”

So make sure your stores are prepared this holiday shopping season by updating your location information using these tips.

Capitalize on intent-driven research
For most consumers, holiday shopping research will be on more devices (and therefore more often) than ever this year. Whether it’s showrooming or just browsing when they are out, 46% of people use smartphones to do research on deals and sales before making a purchase in the store.

When their next search is for store information, they are clearly intent on visiting the store and are more engaged with the business information and content.  Correct and updated location information (i.e. address, phone number, opening hours, deals) help them find you.

Help travelers find you
Last year nearly 20 million Americans traveled during the holiday season. With so many customers transplanted from out-of-town, incorrect information about your store could mean a missed sale.

In fact, when comparison shopping, customers may not just be looking for a particular store but for several options.  By updating your addresses, phones and opening hours not only on your website but on listings across the internet, you can stay top of mind when the shopping trips are being planned.

Extend your hours and expand your visibility
You know that extended shopping hours for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and the holiday season accommodate your customers’ schedules to help drive more sales. But, they are only useful if your customers know about them.

Update your opening and closing hours where people are looking as they prepare for shopping trips. The average shopper consults 8 different sources, so it is important that the data is consistent across all listings – not just your website.

Broadcast your deals
As a result of pre-holiday deals, the holiday shopping season is beginning earlier and ending later – and consumers are more deal-hungry than ever.  Last year, 41.4% of consumers made their first purchase before November 1st, and 23% will continue to shop even after December 25th.

As your deals change throughout the season and from store to store, be sure to communicate them with your customers everywhere they are looking, including on your website and online listings.

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