Yext Reaches 100,000 Active Locations


Today, we are excited to announce that Yext is updating location information for 100,000 locations.  Our goal at Yext is to get perfect location information in every hand – helping businesses to provide correct and rich details to their customers – and each day, we are excited that more and more clients are joining us to get the word out.

First, we would like to thank the businesses that use Yext.  We are proud to help our customers reach their customers – from an IT repair shop in Miami to national Fortune 100 companies.  It’s thanks to their feedback and daily use that Yext continues to be the most useful and effective product to get the best local search results.

Second, we are excited to be part of the increasing interest in location data.  2012 very well may have been the year that mapping became the new UI, as new device options proliferate and issues with mapping experiences came front and center.  People love their maps, and so correct data is more important than ever for businesses and for their customers.

More to come… Check back on January 15 for something that will change the local search experience.

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