Unprecedented Use of New Features

Two weeks ago, we introduced PowerListings+ to our customers.  We have been overwhelmed by the response!

Thank you for your interest, questions and, most of all, your new content lists – sets of products and services, bios of your teams, menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and calendars of events. Content lists help differentiate your business from the competition with information that your customers need to go from researching online, to purchasing in-store.

What’s particularly special about PowerListings+, is that before your only resource to share this information was your own website, which your customers may not even know you have or which might be hard to access on their phone.  Now you have a new way to control your local presence right where they are looking: 45+ online listings from maps and search.

We want to share some highlights from the first two days:

  • 15.6% of active businesses created a content list
    • The average business created 1.58 lists
    • One business even built 12 lists
  • Products/Services are the most popular type, representing 61.2% of all lists
  • Followed by Bios, with 22.3% of lists

Here are some examples of new lists from our customers:

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