The Women of Yext: Leaning In

This week, our own EVP of Sales & Service, Wendi Sturgis, was on Good Morning America in a Town Hall meeting with another woman leading in technology: Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook.  In her recently released book, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, Sandberg shared research and anecdotes encouraging women to lead at work.  On the video segment, a group of women got together to discuss the many issues still to be tackled.

Questions arose from issues around working moms (and all people) setting boundaries to create more balance and confidence in asking for new opportunities.  A particularly important topic was the role of men in supporting women, especially in mentorship.  Sandberg noted that with many fewer women in leadership positions, senior men need to provide equal access for men and women in getting advice to shape their careers.

For her question, Sturgis asked about how Sandberg deals with the embarrassment that can come from all the acclaim.  Her response was clear – women have to own their success.  When a man succeeds, he takes credit, and often when women succeed, they give credit away.  In a work environment, women need to acknowledge when they have earned it.

At the end of the session, Sheryl asked for the women to support other women in their workplaces and to join the movement at  And Wendi spent a few minutes to speak with another inspiring woman, ABC’s Robin Roberts.

We’re looking forward to continuing the conversation back at Yext and on building on the mentorship and leadership we need for a stronger team and a stronger company.

For more, see the full segment on Good Morning America here.

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