The Yext Quarterly: Social & Local

Places are where people go. And today with the rise of mobile, it’s never been more true. As we were putting together this issue of the Yext Quarterly, we wanted to explore how local connects to social.

The innovation in recent years shows how important people and social are to local, like Facebook’s Graph Search, or Foursquare’s explore. In fact, a recent study found that 13% of local search happens on Facebook today – before the full Graph Search rollout. So now, your business information is linked to (and affected by) your customers’ social engagement.

We again worked with Greg Sterling and Andrew Shotland to look at how local is going social. There’s been a lot written about social, so we wanted to take a different look – and today we’re excited to bring you exclusive articles, op-eds, research and graphics, including:

  • Search’s social past and future

  • Tips for multi-location businesses and Graph Search

  • Challenges and opportunities for small businesses and social media

  • How local fuels authentic social interactions infographic

We created the Yext Quarterly as a resource for you. So after you read through this issue, or the previous one, let us know what you think. We want to hear from you, really. Send us an email at so we can make the next issue even more useful.

Hope you enjoy the Social & Local issue, which you can download here.


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