ICBM Build System Launch Celebration

The Yext engineering team celebrated their first substantial contribution to the open source community with a talk and open house.  You can read more about the build system Ilia’s Crazy Build Machine in our more technical blog post.


We had over 90 RSVPs for the event, and a great turnout of software engineers, systems engineers and build engineers.


Austin Chu thanked Ilia Mirkin for his work in designing the build system, and then gave a technical overview of ICBM.

ICBM at Yext

Austin provided insight into why the Yext team build ICBM, how it’s used at Yext and how it can be used to build Java web applications.


After the talk, Yext provided dinner and office tours. Attendees had the opportunity to talk with Austin, Ilia and many others from the Yext team.

As a follow up, some attendees tried out ICBM on its GitHub page. And the discussion was kicked off in our Google Group.

The Yext engineers look forward to continuing to support ICBM. This is just the start of the Yext in the open source community.


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