The Pocket Guide To The U.S. Navigation Market

From the first TomTom in 2004, to the rise of smartphones and apps, to the development of the connected car, the in-car GPS navigation industry is barely ten years old but it has already undergone several transformations. 

This year market research firm Berg Insights estimates that there will be 97 million active users of turn-by-turn navigation in the U.S. 18% of those drivers already use local search in their car and another 22% are likely to use it. That’s millions of potential customers finding your business locations in a fundamentally new way.

To help businesses navigate this technical and constantly changing industry, we worked with Ludavic Privat, the founder and editor of GPS Business News, to create “The Pocket Guide to the U.S. Navigation Market.” Ludovic is a world-renowned expert in the location-based services industry, with a focus on location-based advertising, connected car services, and GPS navigation.

The Pocket Guide provides a detailed look into:

  • The History of GPS Navigation
  • Current Navigation Platforms
  • Technology Trends
  • The Future of GPS Navigation

For everything you need to know about the industry today and where it’s going tomorrow, download the paper here.

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