How to Prepare Your Business for Winter Storm Juno

In emergency situations like Winter Storm Juno, customers need information about businesses immediately so it’s more important than ever to ensure it’s updated. If your business is going to be affected by Winter Storm Juno, you should update your digital presence to share essential info with your local community. To prepare your business for winter storms you should:

  1. Update store hours: Be sure to update customers if you are closing early or extending hours because they will be searching for it – especially on mobile. Even if your hours will not be changing, you should let your customers know that you will remain open for normal business hours.
  2. Refresh product availability: Show your customers what is in stock, from generators, to batteries, to food products.
  3. Change your Clickable Featured Messages: Share time-sensitive updates or deals in your listings.
Customers will be searching to see if your business is open, or if it has the product they need, so make sure you provide them with the necessary information to encourage them to visit your store and get prepared.

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