Yext Supports #STEMlikeagirl Event

The Academy for Software Engineering (AFSE) hosted an event this week called #STEMlikeagirl, designed to encourage young female students to consider careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields (aka STEM). Yext sponsored the event along with Github, izone, RPI, and the NYC Department of Education.

The AFSE is a New York City high school focused on preparing students with innovative software engineering and computer science skills, in addition to individualized support and guidance, to help students achieve successful careers and create the next generation of software.

STEM Like a Girl

The event began with a panel focused on career growth, featuring one of Yext’s own engineers discussing her academic path and experience working as a web developer at Yext, and then moved on to a demo of the Muse’s brain-sensing headband. Afterwards the girls in attendance got the chance to chat with the panelists to ask questions and discuss their own personal career goals.

Big group picture

At Yext, we’re always proud to support women pursuing careers in the STEM fields. AFSE will be holding the next event on May 9th for middle schoolers and their parents to learn more about careers in Tech. #STEMlikeagirl

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