Yext Talks: Today’s Content Marketing and the Future of SEO

SEO and local marketing are changing by the day. While this is good news for our industry, it’s challenging for marketers to serve their customers while simultaneously trying to keep up with every tech development and algorithm update. Many of these marketers lack a community where they have these types of conversation and learn from peers. This observation provided the catalyst for launching “Yextalks”, a series of panels aimed at developing a community of marketing experts and decision makers in the NYC area who seek to network with industry peers and trade information and insights.

Yextalks: Today’s Content Marketing and the Future of SEO from Yext on Vimeo.

The first Yextalk, held at Yext’s NYC headquarters last week, focused on evaluating SEO’s evolving role and value in today’s local marketing ecosystem. The rules of the SEO game are constantly changing, with large brands and local businesses alike racing to keep up with every new update. But a larger evolutionary trend in how marketers think about SEO is on the horizon: one where the focus will shift from the Search Engines to the Searcher: who are they, where are they, and how do they want to search?

Yext invited a panel of SEO experts to give their unique perspectives on how the landscape has changed over the past few years and predictions on where it’s headed next. Moderated by Christian Ward, Yext’s EVP Partnerships, the panel included Mike King, Founder & Digital Marketing Consultant at iPullRank, Rhea Drysdale, CEO at Outspoken Media, David Michala, SEO Manager at Yodle, and Matt Ramos, Product Manager at LocalVox.

If you missed out on our first Yextalk and are interested in attending the next event, we’ll be announcing the date and location via Twitter. You can follow us @yext!


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