Webinar Recap: Using Beacons to Close the Online-Offline Loop


Last week we teamed up with BIA/Kelsey to host a webinar called “Closing the Loop: Using Beacons to Connect Online and Offline Marketing,” aimed at exploring beacon technology and the revolutionary new online-to-offline opportunity it presents to digital marketers. Prior to beacons, marketers lacked an effective and precise means for engaging customers online who visited or purchased products at their physical store locations. Considering over 90% of retail transactions occur in-store, this lack of technology represented a huge missed opportunity for marketers, as they were unable to reach this critical audience of high-intent customers. Beacon technology solves this problem with its precise location detection capabilities, enabling marketers for the first time to reach in-store customers as they’re shopping, opening up endless opportunities for brands to enhance consumer engagement and boost sales.

Abid Chaudhry, BIA/Kelsey’s Senior Director of Industry Insight, kicked off the webinar with an overview of how beacon technology works and how brands can leverage it to engage their mobile customers, as well as an examination of the current state of the mobile marketing industry and the impact beacon technology will have on retail sales in the near future.

Raj Nijjer, Yext’s VP of Partnerships and Community, then gave an inside look at Yext’s new product, Xone, which leverages Bluetooth® beacon technology and Yext’s proprietary app network to enable marketers to develop audiences and engage with their mobile customers in unprecedented new ways, both in-store and post-visit.

During this webinar, attendees learned about:

  • The fundamentals of beacon technology, how they work, and what you need to do to put them to work for your brand
  • Insights into mobile behavioral trends and the impact beacons will have on the retail industry
  • An introduction to Xone, Yext’s new mobile audience engagement product that leverages beacon technology to revolutionize the way brands interact with customers
  • How to reach consumers’ mobile devices while in-store to deliver relevant and useful information that improves the shopping experience
  • The potential to create custom audiences for greater levels of engagement post-visit

To learn more about beacons and what Xone can do you for your business, you can watch the full recording below:


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