Yext and BIA/Kelsey Co-Host Webinar: Using Beacons to Close the Online-Offline Loop

BIA-Kelsey_logo_RGBIn the digital world, there are numerous ways for marketers to reach consumers who visit their brand websites and purchase products online. In the physical world, however, the options for engaging consumers who visit their store locations have been practically non-existent. Physical store visits are the strongest signal of offline consumer intent, yet there hasn’t been an effective way for brands to connect with those store visitors, either in-store or post-visit, due to the lack of a means of obtaining precise location information. Considering over 90% of retail transactions still occur in-store, this is a major problem for marketers.

Enter beacons. Beacon technology solves this problem by using proximity and Bluetooth® information to determine when a customer is in its precise range, so marketers can know when a consumer walks through their stores’ front door. Smartphone apps can easily be configured to listen for the beacons’ Bluetooth signals, which provides endless opportunities for marketers to use their mobile presence to improve their engagement with high-intent customers who actually visit their store locations. Yext is the first to introduce a scalable solution in this space with Xone, its revolutionary new product that leverages beacon technology and its proprietary app network to enable marketers to develop audiences and engage with their mobile customers in unprecedented new ways, both in-store and post-visit.

Yext and BIA/Kelsey are co-hosting a webinar called Closing the Loop: Using Beacons to Connect Online and Offline Marketing on Thursday, Nov. 5 at 2pm EST, which examines beacon technology and the revolutionary new online-to-offline opportunity they present to marketers. Panelists Raj Nijjer, Yext’s VP of Partnerships and Community, and Abid Chaudhry, Senior Director of Industry Strategy at BIA/Kelsey will discuss:

  • An introduction to beacon technology, how they work, and what you need to do to put them to work for your brand
  • How to reach consumer mobile devices while in-store to deliver relevant and useful information
  • The potential for creating custom in-store audiences for greater levels of engagement

Attendees will also learn about how Xone leverages this technology to help marketers revolutionize their local marketing campaigns, and how they can put this ground-breaking technology to work for their business today.

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