Madison Scare! Yexters Celebrate Halloween

While work still gets accomplished on Halloween, Yexters never know when they’re going to walk into a meeting and find themselves sitting next to David Bowie, Gumby, or a ghost.

Yexters celebrated Halloween in style during our annual costume contest, held last week during the company’s weekly Manifesto meeting.

While we packed a lot of creativity into the room, only one Yexter walked away as a champion — and he has his child to thank. Dressed as a chef, Yext VP of Product, Jon Kennell was chosen as this year’s winner by round of applause.

Check out more highlights from the festivities below.


The ‘Howard Lerman’ costume is always a popular choice.


Our winner(s), Jon Kennell and his son, Benjamin.


Our very own Yext Location Cloud.


Feeling the pressure from David Bowie.


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