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As our partner, we want to make sure you’re set up for success. That’s why we built the Yext Certified Partner Program — to help empower your business and optimize the service you provide clients every day. Get certified and gain skills that will help you acquire, retain, and grow your business for the long-term. Read on to learn more.


We know what it’s like to sell a location data management solution here at Yext, and by participating in sales training, your team can sell better — and sell more. We’ll teach you our proven sales strategies — from capturing leads with your customized listings scan to handling objections — to help you acquire new customers swiftly.


Become Yext experts to make yourselves invaluable. Help your team learn exactly how to demonstrate the ongoing value of Yext’s technology to clients with exclusive product training. With the ability to showcase hard facts on the benefits your solution drives for their business, you’ll become undeniably indispensable.


There’s much more to your business than meets the eye. As your business evolves, you can lean on us to make sure your team is always equipped with the expertise they need to drive results. And with Yext products that make simple and indisputable companions, you can scale without hesitation.

We would absolutely recommend the Yext Certified Partner Program! The Partner Training Team does a great job answering questions, overviewing platform functionality and detailing benefits. When interacting with them, it is obvious they want to help our agency (and clients) get the best return on the platform and our partnership. Not to mention, Yext technology makes efficient local listing management a reality, so that we can profitably offer this service to our clients.

-Tracy Lewis | Director of Talent and Senior Consultant | PR2020

Every individual at your organization that completes this complimentary program will become a Yext Certified Professional. And the more certified professionals you have, the better you can leverage your Yext subscription to continue growing your business.

Program Specifics

Sales Training
Learn our tried and true sales tactics.

  • 1:1 session with a Yext Training Specialist
  • Topics covered:
    • Optimizing lead capture flow based on offering
    • Customizing your scan and pitching based on scan results
    • The search ecosystem, the location data crisis, and providing Yext as the solution
    • Objection-handling and deal-closing strategies

Product Training
Master the product. Show off your skills.

  • 1:1 session with a Yext Training Specialist
  • Topics covered:
    • Comprehensive platform tour  — whether reselling listings, reviews, healthcare, or all three
    • Ins and outs of features, including content capture, organizational tools, and more, for maximum operational efficiency
    • Leveraging Yext features — including Duplicate Suppression, Publisher Suggestions, Review Notifications, Analytics, and more — to demonstrate ongoing value
    • Developing and utilizing Yext content in customer outreach strategies

Make it count.

  • 10-minute online exam
  • Pass and receive:
    • Access to exclusive sales and enablement materials
    • Yext Certified Partner Badge
    • Yext Certified Professional Certificate
    • LinkedIn Profile Badge
    • Yext Swag!

Ready to get started? Reach out to your Yext representative or the Partner Training Team to sign up! 


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