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With Yext, Air France Revolutionizes Its Online Experience for Travelers

Using the Yext platform, Air France has experienced a significant increase in customer actions, including 9,000 calls to its branches and 3,000 clicks to its website each month.

Using the Yext platform, Air France has experienced a significant increase in customer actions, including **9,000 calls to its branches** and **3,000 clicks to its website** each month.


trip itinerary requests per month


listing views per month


agency calls per month

Around the world, the Air France brand is emblematic of French know-how. Known for a strong attention to detail and an unparalleled dedication to its passengers, Air France aims to match this standard when it comes to each traveler's digital experience with the brand — from the moment of booking, through to the journey at the airport. Air France's goals are to anticipate passengers' needs, support their journey, and retain their business, crafting an enduring relationship with each traveler. The company sees digital as critical to meeting these goals — and a key way to personalize the passenger experience throughout the entire journey.

Optimizing the passenger journey online

Today, Air France's 60+ points of sale — including airport ticket counters as well as dedicated stores in several markets — accommodate passengers from all over the world, guiding them in designing their itineraries as well as responding to unforeseen events or incidents. Air France passengers expect a perfect end-to-end experience — and today, the online experience is a huge part of that. To get even closer to its customers, the airline aims to go one step further in its digital expertise, with the goal of improving the comfort and serenity of Air France passengers.

Before booking a reservation or going to a ticket counter, each potential traveler needs to be able to find the Air France brand and its information online — without being diverted by competitor content or misinformation in search results. Air France needed a solution that would enable them to deliver answers everywhere online, seamlessly guiding travelers to the right information to best assist them.

A solution that aligns with the Air France experience

At each stage of the passenger journey, Air France strives to offer the best of innovation and technology that matches the way people find information today. As such, the airline selected Yext, which offers brands the ability to seamlessly manage all of their online information — worldwide — from a single source of truth. Schedules, addresses, geolocation, local phone numbers, and photos can be updated in real time so that the pages for Air France's 60+ local points of sale are optimized and discoverable everywhere customers are searching.

Cédric Ibanez Headshot
“With the Yext solution, beyond being able to seamlessly manage the information for our points of sale, Air France is able to better understand the traffic generated by the updates we make, which correspond to more than 3 million monthly views."

Cédric Ibanez

SEO Manager of Digital Marketing, Air France

Organic search: The gateway to the Air France brand

As the number one French e-commerce site internationally with 1 million hits a day, makes a sale every two seconds. Due to the nature and expense of these purchases, most conversions still take place on desktop. However, the customer journey isn't linear: Prospective travelers often conduct research on mobile (mobile represents more than 60% of traffic), but then still prefer to book tickets at home on desktop.

Thanks to strong brand awareness, especially in the French market, a percentage of customers navigate directly to the Air France site. However, organic search is a major point of entry for various customer journeys, whether they are inspirational (travel guide), commercial (flights), or made in regards to services (fees, luggage, etc.).

SEO for Air France's local points of sale is therefore a highly important part of the online procurement strategy, and optimizing these local pages is a boon to the brand's overall SEO.

Cédric Ibanez, SEO Manager of Digital Marketing, Air France declares: "Yext makes it possible to publish our information on a large set of publishers while allowing us to recover very useful insights in terms of traffic; this allows us to optimize the user experience from the beginning of the search. Thanks to Yext, we were able to gain a foothold in the field of structured data and have access to the Knowledge Graph, which today represents a major trend in search and on which Yext is very strongly positioned."

Cédric Ibanez Headshot
"We've also seen a meaningful increase in customer actions, with 9,000 requests for routes, 9,000 calls to Air France branches, and 3,000 clicks on each month.”

Cédric Ibanez

SEO Manager of Digital Marketing, Air France

A challenge of image but also of strategic data

These results not only show the importance of Air France's local pages, they have also given Air France's team of SEO experts a better understanding of the search landscape today. The brand is reorienting its search strategy around the idea of providing direct answers wherever customers are searching, regardless of whether they are searching by text or voice. In the long term, the goal is for Air France to be the single source of truth, providing brand verified answers wherever customers search for information concerning its offers, its points of sale, or its brand.

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