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GUESS Converts Online Browsers to Local Shoppers With Yext and Radius8

GUESS uses Yext as a central source of truth for local store data that can be easily leveraged to drive omnichannel enablement and customer engagement.
183% increase in page views
33% increase in revenue
31% increase in search impressions
1,000+ locations
Los Angeles, CA
The Challenge
GUESS sought to ensure the accuracy of store location information in search results and digital touchpoints like Yelp, Google My Business, and Facebook, and deploy proven SEO strategies within this space.
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The Challenge

When Edward Park joined GUESS as SVP of Retail and Digital, he was eager to enhance the brand’s digital presence and discoverability. “I was coming from Asia, so to me, anything to do with omnichannel, online-to-offline, mobile, was all seamless,” says Park. “You know, people here looked at me as a crazy guy when I came and said, ‘We have to put all our efforts as mobile-first.’

To enhance its online-to-offline marketing strategy, GUESS needed a partner in digital knowledge management. “When we started with Yext, our primary goal was two-fold,” says Neil Du Plessis, E-Commerce Operations Manager at GUESS. “We wanted to ensure accuracy of our physical stores’ location information in search results and other frequently used touch points such as Yelp, Google My Business, and Facebook; we also wanted to partner with a company that could deploy proven SEO strategies within this space.” After partnering with Yext with this goal in mind, GUESS sought a more enhanced omnichannel strategy to promote online discovery of local brick-and-mortar stores.

“Yext and Radius8 have helped achieve our initiative to unify the customer experience across digital and brick-and-mortar touchpoints, and provide local store managers with the right data and tools to truly empower them to react to quickly changing consumer demand.”
Edward Park SVP of Retail and Digital

The Solution

With Yext, GUESS is able to update addresses and operating hours across more than 100 publishers, including Google, Facebook, Amazon Alexa, from a single dashboard. The brand also leverages Yext for both the store locator and individual location pages, so that mobile users have access to up-to-date and accurate store information.

GUESS’s online-to-offline strategy was elevated with the launch of the Yext App Directory, which allows clients to connect digital knowledge in the Yext platform with software systems across the enterprise. In GUESS’s case, their key partner is Radius8, a localization tool that helps retailers deliver online experiences uniquely targeted by proximity to a physical location and determine effective in-store experiences based on local digital demand. By combining critical store location information powered by Yext with Radius8 data highlighting online consumer behavior in and around store locations, GUESS is able to get a better sense of how to target and tailor its marketing, and to provide a localized experience to digital users.

“Much like our peers, omnichannel enablement has been a big part of our work — with the goal of streamlining the ability to buy and improve operational efficiencies,” Park says. “This is a lot of work and a must-have for any retailer today.”

With Yext’s digital knowledge management platform and Radius8’s real-time inventory data, a manager at a GUESS store on 5th Avenue can match a variety of digital touchpoints to see what people are buying and looking at online. GUESS can then display trending items and inventory information on the 5th Avenue store page, encouraging local high-intent searchers toward a physical visit or e-commerce order/pickup. With consumers’ shopping stance constantly in a sense of immediacy, the store that can supply up-to-date product and location information wins against the store that can’t or doesn’t provide those shelf-level hyperlocal details.

The Difference

“Incorporating Radius8 trending bars on our Yext-managed store pages has provided us the ability to serve hyper-local, relevant content to our customers when reviewing store information,” Du Plessis reports. “Additionally it has proved to be a valuable source of link equity / backlinking from a discoverability point of view.”

GUESS launched with Yext Pages in December 2016, just in time for the holiday season. A year later, pageviews to GUESS store pages had jumped 183% as a result of the work the brand did with Yext.

One year after adding Radius8’s trending product carousels to the local pages, GUESS’ e-commerce revenue through its store locator and store pages powered by Yext increased by 33%.

Ultimately, GUESS’s ability to derive deeper analysis from Yext-powered Pages and Listings as well as hyperlocal shopping patterns near its locations improved search results steadily. For example, in 2016, prior to adding Yext Pages and Listings, GUESS’ listings search impressions were growing at 21% year over year. Within six months of implementing both products, GUESS’ year over year growth accelerated to 52%, an incremental lift of 31% in search impressions.

“Part of our goal in working with Yext and Radius8 is to create a centralized source of truth for local data and context in and around the store that can be easily leveraged and put to work to drive customer engagement,” Park says. “We can easily connect local shopping with any emerging channel or shopping paradigm that is relevant to our consumer.”

183% increase in page views
33% increase in revenue
31% increase in search impressions

Within six months, Yext Pages + Listings increased search impressions for GUESS listings by 31% year over year.

Within a year, GUESS’ local pages powered by Yext saw a 183% increase in page views.

One year after adding Radius8 product carousels to local pages powered by Yext, e-commerce revenue through those pages had increased by 33%.

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