KeyBank Takes Control of Its Digital Presence and Enhances Local Engagement with the Yext Knowledge Engine

2,700 Branches and ATMs
81% Rise in Listings Engagement
13.3% Of Pages Visitors Click to Call a Local Branch

Established in 1825, KeyBank serves 15 states across the U.S. via a network of over 1,200 branches and over 1,500 ATMS. “We help individuals, investors, and businesses make confident financial decisions in order not only to succeed but also to thrive,” says Laura Cameron, Vice President of Digital Marketing. “We believe everyone deserves the confidence and peace of mind to dream big. KeyBank wants to become the best regional bank in the United States, and we will do that by continuing to focus on our clients.”

Cameron and her team also understand mobile presence and discoverability as essential elements in a client-focused approach, critical to fostering meaningful client relationships online as well as offline. “Mobile is critical to what we are doing — it is critical to the banking industry in general,” notes Cameron. “At KeyBank, we are expanding and enriching the digital, social, and mobile experience for KeyBank customers.”

Inconsistencies Online

As an experienced digital marketer, Steve Ramirez, the Senior Vice President and Head of Digital Marketing at the time, knew the first step to an enhanced online experience is ensuring complete and accurate digital knowledge for all locations on all search sites — third-party sites as well as KeyBank’s owned websites and apps. But Ramirez was also motivated by pointed feedback from his wife, a KeyBank client who had trouble finding a correct telephone listing and address for a specific local branch. Ramirez, who was out of town on business during his wife’s information quest, got the message loud and clear on his return. “I got home and she said, ‘Don’t you do this? Do you have any idea of what you are doing — or actually not doing — at your job?’ I said, ‘Thanks, sweetie. I hadn’t realized it was a problem!'”

After that conversation, Ramirez looked online and had his team do a thorough investigation of listings for the branch in question. “We searched through multiple search engines and realized the magnitude of the situation for just one branch,” recalls Ramirez. He and his team were surprised to discover a much more complicated and fractured ecosystem of digital knowledge than they had anticipated. “I knew I needed to find an efficient way to fix all these listings and the content that lived on our site as well as on other search sites to make and keep them clean and accurate. What was the best way to do this became the question.”

The Yext Knowledge Engine Presents a Unique Solution to Help KeyBank

Ramirez found the answer one month later during a Yext presentation at the NetFinance conference in Miami. “I thought, ‘Wow, that makes a ton of sense,'” says Ramirez. “I went over to talk to the Yext team after the presentation, and a sales representative gave me examples of how other businesses were using Yext’s full product suite, which at the time was Listings and Pages. I decided we wanted Listings and Pages together. That had been my longer-term vision anyway — unique pages by branch.” Notes Ramirez, “I hadn’t known who could do that for me until I discovered Yext. Its platform is exactly what we needed — a perfect match.”

KeyBank uses Yext Listings and Pages to manage the public facts about its brand. The Yext Knowledge Engine enables brands like KeyBank to manage the digital knowledge about their people, places, and products across their websites, mobile apps, internal systems, and the entire Knowledge Network — over 100 maps, apps, search engines, GPS systems, and social networks including Google, Apple, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo.

KeyBank launched 966 branch locations with Yext Listings, and by four months later it had also launched the 966 branches as well as 190 freestanding ATMs with Pages. Yext helped KeyBank clean its location data and enhance its digital content for thousands of listings. The total number of listings increased from 31,310 to 57,108, and Yext corrected over 40,000 names, 55,000 addresses, 98,000 phone numbers, and 95,000 websites for KeyBank. Yext also added 108,000 business descriptions and 58,000 photos.

Numbers Show the Impact of Enhanced Digital Knowledge

The results show that KeyBank’s improved digital presence significantly and positively impacted engagement. “The KPIs we look for are application starts, appointment settings, and SEO. Yext’s analytics show clearly that Yext has had a critical impact on boosting SEO and improving discoverability,” confirms Cameron. In just 18 months, KeyBank’s customer engagement on its Listings rose 81%. Fully 13.3% of visitors to KeyBank local pages click to call the local branch.

“Beyond just the numbers, the transformation of the visual experience on our listings with Yext is extremely powerful,” praises Cameron. “When you look at individual page visuals before Yext versus now, the difference is incredible.”

As her team grows, Cameron’s goal is to communicate effectively all elements of KeyBank’s business through its online and mobile presence in order more fully to engage prospects and customers. “Yext is helping us do everything from building responsive pages for desktops online and for mobile, to crafting strategic social media marketing campaigns, to illuminating that for which KeyBank is renowned — you come online, you find a branch via a beautiful page that Yext helped create, and you essentially have a seamless mobile or online experience,” explains Cameron.

“Yext as a partner to KeyBank is the perfect match, in terms of both the platform and the people. They have remained from the start extremely responsive and open to a detailed conversation of ‘What are you trying to solve here?'” recounts Ramirez. “Our experience has only gotten better from there — it has been delightful,” Cameron chimes in.

The delight is not solely with great customer service but also with Yext’s visionary approach to digital knowledge management. “I am extremely selective about seeking out long-term partners. As soon as I met the Yext team several years ago now, I sensed a huge value in what the company had underway, beyond the great technology it had with listings for branch locations,” recollects Ramirez. Cameron concludes, “It was clear from the get-go that Yext is a strategic partner and has a vision. That makes it no surprise that it now offers us a platform around which an ecosystem is developing.”