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Steward Health Care Partners With Yext to Improve Customer Engagement

51% year-over-year increase in listing clicks
111% year-over-year increase in website clicks
74% year-over-year increase in clicks-to-call
Steward Health Care
2.2 million+
Hospital campuses & affiliated urgent care provider locations
The Challenge
Steward Health Care needed a solution that would answer patients' questions as they searched online for health information and sought medical care.

Steward Health Care is a community-based healthcare organization headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. With more than 2.2 million patients, 37 hospital campuses, and 25 affiliated urgent care provider locations, the company provides access to both primary care physicians and a full range of specialists who are committed to meeting the needs of local patients. As an integrated, cost-effective, accountable care organization (ACO), Steward is committed to providing the highest quality of patient care in the communities where patients actually live. Steward is widely recognized as a national leader in implementing a new model of integrated healthcare delivery, and its model takes care of patients from wellness and care management, all the way through their end of life.

“We are the second largest healthcare provider in New England, by size, and we are the fifth-largest employer in the state of Massachusetts,” states Brian Carty, Chief Marketing Officer. “We have 3,500 doctors treating three million patients a year. People know what we stand for and that we are an alternative to the old model of delivering healthcare. 

The Challenge

“When we founded Steward, there was room — if not a requirement — for a new model of actually delivering healthcare,” explains Carty. “The old model of delivering healthcare with an academically-oriented hospital as the hub or focus, we think, is an antiquated model in terms of clinical delivery, in terms of economics, and in terms of patient convenience. Our hospitals can deliver 80–90% of what gets delivered at academic medical centers. It’s the same quality but 20% cheaper.”

Carty is keenly aware of the correlation between the experience Steward delivers online and overall patient satisfaction. “Being able to answer patients’ questions online is key,” he states, “for both our doctors and our patients.” Patients today ask more questions when seeking medical care, and the questions are often more complex. Natural language queries like “doctor near me available now who takes Cigna” are on the rise. As a result, it becomes all the more critical for healthcare systems to ensure that they are able to provide accurate answers everywhere patients might be searching.

The Solution

With locations serving more than 185 Massachusetts cities and towns, Steward needed a better way to connect patients with physicians who could actually serve their needs in their area. With Yext, Steward is able to seamlessly update its consistently evolving physician and location information — as well as to create individual intent pages for different facilities and physicians. This helps ensure that patients find the right information wherever they search, and that they can easily access the care they need in critical moments.  

“Yext solved a bet-your-business problem for us, which was, ‘How do you connect services with customers?’ It’s the equivalent of having one hundred restaurants, but the public only knows addresses for ten of them. Good luck finding the other ninety! Buying a physician practice of up to one hundred doctors is a big investment. We could see through our website traffic that we were having difficulty getting the right patients to the right physicians. Once we realized the magnitude of the problem and compared that to the incredible amount of money we were investing in doctors and facilities, fixing it became paramount. Yext seemed to have this problem figured out really well — plus they are easy to work with and simply great partners.”
Colleen Walsh Manager, Digital Communications

Yext enables healthcare systems such as Steward to manage the public facts about their physicians and facilities across their websites, internal systems, and more than 150 maps, apps, search engines, and social networks including Google, Apple, Amazon Alexa, and Bing — which patients use to search for providers in critical moments of need. With 73% of high-intent traffic going to new services, Steward can ensure that its information is comprehensive and correct on both its website and across key third-party sites, helping it to surface in searches made across digital services.

Steward has also leveraged Yext to create and manage individual pages for physicians and facilities. This has had a major impact on search views. By creating local landing pages with structured data and linking third-party listings to those pages, search engines can associate all of that content on the page with Steward’s corresponding listing. This boosts brand visibility and helps patients in need find relevant information they can act on — contributing to an increase in appointments booked with Steward physicians. 


Steward has seen significant growth in brand visibility, web traffic, and patient engagement since launching with Yext. With more than 1,600 physicians live on GMB in the first 4 months of 2019, the health organization has seen 119% growth in Google search views compared to the same period in 2017 (the year that all locations were first fully launched on GMB). Steward has also seen 111% growth in website clicks and 74% growth in clicks-to-call over the same period.

With 270+ facilities live on GMB, Steward has experienced a 50% increase in clicks for directions — showing a direct link between patients finding Steward in an online search and actual intent to visit a Steward facility. And after launching the Yext Doctor Finder in January 2018, Steward’s volume of requested appointments grew from an average of 290 per month, to 963 per month by April 2019 — an increase of 232%. 

“It has been fantastic,” says Colleen Walsh, Manager of Digital Communications at Steward. “Yext goes above and beyond. It’s more than just a tool that provides listings. Yext is a platform that provides insight. We have clearly shown Steward can expand the top of its marketing funnel with Yext, and we are now getting many more qualified leads for appointments.”


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