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The Prisoner Wine Company Streamlines Their Customer Journeys with Yext

The Prisoner Wine Company helps customers find the perfect bottle with Yext, boosting sales, reducing bounce rate, and optimizing conversions.


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The Prisoner Wine Company's story starts more than 20 years ago with the release of their namesake wine, The Prisoner. Since then, they have challenged winemaking traditions, bent blending rules, and revolutionized market shelves with provocative label designs.

The Challenge

The Prisoner Wine Company envisioned being able to provide a seamless online experience for users. However, creating a delightful experience for their diverse customer base is easier said than done.

The Prisoner is one of three core ranges — the others being SALDO and Unshackled. Within each range, there are dozens of styles, vintages, and blends. For all but the budding sommelier, finding the right bottle is challenging. What's the difference between the 2019 Syndrome Rosé and the Unshackled Rosé? Is the SALDO Zinfandel a good bottle for someone new to red blends? The questions go on.

While The Prisoner Wine Company had search functionality on their website, it was basic at best. What the winery required was a way to understand what people were searching for and direct them to the content most relevant to them. For that, they turned to Yext.

Person pouring wine from The Prisoner Wine Company
The Solution

With The Prisoner Wine Company's legacy search solution, if customers searched for Chenin Blanc, they would receive an overwhelming list of SKUs. The company knew this was not an intuitive experience and instead wanted to aim for an immersive search experience on their website so that users can actually search for things and get helpful answers back.

To create that seamless customer journey from awareness to conversion, The Prisoner Wine Company integrated Yext site search into their eCommerce platform, delivering an AI-powered search solution for customers. Now, when someone searches for Chenin Blanc, Yext returns rich results targeted to the precise search term.

Beyond basic site search, in concert with The Prisoner Wine Company's team, Yext built embedded order pop-ups. After searching, customers can complete their purchase via a pop-up window, meaning they never have to leave the page. It's all part of the seamless experience that the company envisioned, providing the customer with the wide breadth of options that The Prisoner Wine Company has to offer in a truly accessible way.


The Prisoner Wine Company is still early in its AI-powered digital transformation, but the early data is encouraging. Visitors quickly adopted the improved search functionality, driving up searches resulting in product information by 220%. Today, the company answers 83% of its searches with product information. While not every search results in a sale, that's missing the point. There isn't a guarantee that a search will make someone convert, but it certainly provides a better experience — and it keeps them from leaving the site to search on Google instead.

This improved customer experience is paying dividends. With a more seamless and supportive customer journey, The Prisoner Wine Company's bounce rate fell by 31%. While some visitors don't automatically convert into customers, a lot do. Compared to last year, website transactions are up by a colossal 107%.

This is just the start of The Prisoner Wine Company's story. They're still innovating, adapting, and refining their systems, diving into Yext analytics and more to tailor their experience to exactly what customers need — today and in the future.

See The Prisoner Wine Company's search experience in action.

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