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Yext partners with over 4,000 professional marketers, digital agencies, SEOs, web developers, and social media managers to put the best version of each client on the map. Are you ready to boost sales, save time, and provide the best digital knowledge management solution to your clients?

Together, let's put your clients on the map.

Fix the incorrect business listings that cost your clients sales and help them star in search with the best digital knowledge management solution on the market. Get the tools, training, and support you need so you can create new revenue streams while delivering your unique value.

The PowerListings Network.

Give your customers control over the facts about their businesses — while you grow your own. Our unmatched network of digital knowledge services that helps put you in control of how your clients’ listings appear everywhere their customers are searching.

Optimize your clients' online brand with unrivaled technology.

Take definitive control of your clients’ online presence and reputation with Industry-leading, patented technology.

Tools built to drive you more business.

Marketing materials, resources, data metrics, and more — all developed to help you boost sales with secure, recurring revenue streams.

White-Labeling Take the credit you deserve. Deliver Yext’s solution under your own branding and as part of your own product suite with customizable assets and listings scan.
Listings Scan Instantly highlight real listings issues and capture new client leads with your own white-labeled, mobile-optimized business listings scan and Location Scan App. Try Scan Now
Reporting and Insights Robust Analytics Demonstrate your indispensability and retain clients for the long-term. Showcase results - segmented by audience, device, publisher, search terms, ratings, and more.
Amplify your work at scale.

With exclusive focus on digital knowledge management, we’ll handle your clients’ digital knowledge needs so you can you can focus on doing what you do best. No matter your area of expertise, whether you’re an SEO guru or web developer, Yext has the outlets to help amplify your output and get clients to stand out. Most importantly, Yext ensures your clients’ media, website, and SEO spend is effective by driving their customers to the right place — every single time they search.

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“That's how we grow as a company, and Yext helps us do it: monetizing clients and turning their websites into oil wells that deliver month after month. Yext is definitely an important piece of the puzzle. Clients need things to happen quickly, and they aren't going to wait around”

Matthew Rubin, President, Mr. Marketing

“In addition to saving us time and money, Yext allows us to be more strategic, which is key to our overall company growth.”

Robert Lane, Co-Founder & Director of Search, Buhv Designs

“As a standalone service, Yext is great since it is impossible to control much of anything in our industry! And the fact that Google opened up its API to allow integration with Yext is significant. As a partner I look forward to any further partnership between Yext and Google.”

Erin Shipley, Social Media Manager, Mainstreethost

We work with over 4,000 professional marketers, digital agencies, SEOs, web developers, and social media managers to bring the power of the Yext Knowledge Engine to their clients.


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