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Yext Helps Target Media Partners Interactive Guarantee Results to Automotive Clients

“We have a unique solution set and are the only players in the automotive dealer space who guarantee the results of our offering. Yext has helped to solidify that guarantee.”

Jason Hays, VP, Business and Channel Development

Target Media Partners Interactive (TMPi) leads the pack in providing high quality online and mobile advertising solutions to the automotive space. Its unique proposition lies in the combination of its local directories, extensive automotive network, and media rich solution sets. Beginning in 1998 in the print media space, sister company Target Media Partners (TMP) in the classified world acquired more than 25 local or niche advertising publications across the country and upgraded or launched 40 complementary local websites. With the advent of the Internet and subsequent evolution of mobile technologies, it became evident that TMP needed to be in the digital space. A separate company TMPi was thus born.” TMP’s network of publications gave it the ability to maintain deep relationships with automotive dealers for several years,” explains Jason Hays, Vice President, Business and Channel Development of the interactive sister company. “At Target Media Partners Interactive, we have expanded upon those ties by offering our unique mix for digital.”

Yext’s focus on local and on ensuring that consumers are able to make their way to storefronts with accurate relevant information has enhanced TMPi’s offering to dealers. TMPi can offer auto dealers a results-based solution set. “Delivering solutions and support to all areas of a dealership is a primary goal, and our partnership with Yext enhances what we are able to provide,” states Hays. “We will get you phone calls, traffic to your website, emails, and visits to your place page,” he explains. “Yext is one of the few partners that we use as part of our overall package to deliver those results. We guarantee it.”

TMPi representatives in the field are the ones who use and benefit from Yext the most—Yext saves them time when serving dealers. “Car dealers need to focus on making sales,” explains Hays. “Every deal is a negotiation for them. They do not have extra time for backend operations and thus seek partners like us who will help to make their lives easier. Part of our value proposition to car dealers is that our TMPi representatives do the work on dealers’ behalves. Yext fits into this model seamlessly.”

In addition to employing the Yext platform for Digital Location Management, TMPi also uses the Yext API to provide its dealership clients with an additional leg-up in the industry. “Inventory is absolutely key to any dealer,” explains Hays.”Through the Yext API we have been able to create a custom tool that pulls a dealer’s real-time inventory directly onto a publisher site or directory. I don’t believe any of our competitors have the ability to do this.” Furthermore, Hays notes, “The Yext API consistently works! As far as a partner relationship is concerned, Yext is one of our strongest ones.”