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W2K Consulting Stays Ahead of the Competition and Drives New Customers Into Clients' Businesses with Yext

“W2K is a marketing consulting resource that acts as an outsourced CMO or Fractional Director of Marketing for clients — providing small businesses with access to high-level marketing and implementation. W2K primarily serves clients in the food and beverage, hospitality, fitness and wellness (including medical practice), and beauty industries.”

“Yext lets small businesses market like the 'big boys.' Now, they can manage their location information, rise in search, retrieve data, understand customer actions, and readjust according to results. That used to take a whole team. Now it’s a platform, accessed anywhere.”


Q & A:

What problems do your customers come to you to solve?

Clients usually come for the wrong reason! Meaning, they think they want one thing, but don’t realize they first need another. For example, they often want help with PR or sales building, but don’t realize that their digital presence is holding them back from both those things.

Until they have 360 degrees of first-rate digital presence, being on the map and accurately present in search, most of their objectives will be unattainable. I help with small business storytelling so that commercial objectives can be realized.

What do advances in intelligent search technology mean for you and your customers?

Yext lets small businesses market like the “big boys.” Now, they can manage their location information, rise in search, retrieve data, understand customer actions, and readjust according to results. That used to take a whole team. Now it’s a platform, accessed anywhere.

Intelligent search means putting more info up front — not a piecing-together process for the customer. “First-rate found” is a goal I have for clients, just “being there” is not enough.

Why Yext? Take us back to where Yext came into the story. How did you find out about us, and what business challenge led you to partner with us?

I first found out about Yext in trying to get control over the digital knowledge for one of my restaurant clients. The restaurant, Paola’s, had just relocated.  They had moved their location, but their digital identity hadn’t moved with them. All over the internet — wrong address, wrong photos, wrong phone number, no links to correct information. I couldn’t imagine reclaiming these locations, one by one for all the search engines and review sites. I figured there had to be a better way.

I dug, and found Yext. It seemed to be the answer, and for the price, I couldn’t lose by giving it a try. Within a week – problem solved for the client! All data points cleaned up, and my professional photos overtook sketchy smartphone “foodie” shots.

What Yext products do you use and what features have been most impactful to your customers?

Listings are key for all clients.

The Reviews tab brings together all the reviews from various user review sites and provides good customer insights without having to dig for them site by site, and also provides the ability to respond within the platform.

Analytics are also good for me, the manager of the service, and the widget/posting capability is good for super small customers to give their websites that “of the moment” feel.

I have used Yext with a few clients, and for each client, it’s a different aspect of Yext that is most helpful:

  • For a restaurant, it was about superimposing accurate digital knowledge and supressing bad data and imagery.  
  • For an ice cream retail client, it was about managing hours, making use of the web widget and posting specials, and feeding the search engines good data and imagery so they could come up in search and be “first-rate found.”  
  • For a medical practice and skincare client with a complicated name, it was about making sure all iterations of the name perform in search and point back to both the skincare website and physician practice. Again, getting good imagery out there and being “first-rate found.”

How does Yext help you to show results for your customers?

They can see their data and images out there, wherever they search. They see a quality result on search. They see bad data gone, if that was an issue. They see Google My Business managed and optimized.

They know people are finding them who weren’t finding them before. They’re being discovered on sites, directories, and apps that they never knew existed. They see new customers, higher sales, and press that they didn’t have before Yext.

Through the Analytics in your dashboard, have you uncovered any hidden opportunities?

I really like Usage By Device, to get a sense of how customers are searching you – on what sort of device, and by day of the week. That helps you think in terms of how to manage email marketing as well — when you know “on what” people are viewing your info, you can tailor your outbound messaging to that format.

Any final thoughts?

Yext is like having a data manager that the client can’t afford. It’s not that time is saved, it’s that the job simply wouldn’t get done otherwise. Money is saved for the business because the other options for SEO are much more costly.

The Yext dashboard makes marketing and delivering brand verified facts easier, and since the Knowledge Network is 24/7, everything is all-the-time on. The job gets done, and they can focus on their business.