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A knowledge graph is a powerful tool that describes relationships between entities using semantic search technology. It captures and organizes data from multiple sources, analyzes complex relationships, combines disparate data silos, and generates visualizations of the flow of information. The goal is context alignment that helps your brand improve and optimize customer experience by better understanding customer intent, proactively answering their questions, and making insightful, data-informed decisions. In the 2022 Knowledge Graph Industry Benchmarking Survey, 59.1% of respondents reported using knowledge graph technology to support their data management.

A knowledge graph highlights relationships between your data, giving you a clear view of connections and trends that might be siloed or buried without technology that can automate this process. It would be impossible to do this manually at the same speed or scale. That's why we created Yext Content, a headless CMS built on graph technology.

Yext Content allows your brand to connect data, model relationships between entities, and store data relevant to your business so that customers can experience a richer, more optimized brand experience. It's a single source of truth for the many online public facts about your brand. Whether it's information about a product offering, store location, job opening, or professional credentials, you'll be able to provide people with actionable answers to the questions they're already asking.

Brands can structure knowledge graphs to serve their specific needs. For example, Samsung leverages Yext Content for knowledge management and to directly answer customer questions. If a customer wants to know how often they should replace their refrigerator's water filter, instead of having to manually comb through documents and webpages to find the relevant text, they can use the search function built on top of Yext Content, which produces a direct answer. First Financial leverages Yext Content to better understand the natural language customers are using to search, and show them exactly what clients are asking on their website.

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