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Mit der Einführung von Yext Reviews kommen Unternehmen bei Suchergebnissen ganz groß raus


Nov. 1, 2016

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Monitor, engage, generate, publish, and analyze your location reviews, so the best version of your business is always on display with Yext Reviews.

Key to the consumer selection process, location reviews play pivotal role in search rank

Yext today announced the launch of Yext Reviews, a comprehensive review management solution designed to help businesses monitor, engage, generate, publish, and analyze their location reviews, so the best version of their business is always on display.

"In today's mobile-first world, location reviews drive awareness and consumer decisions about where to shop, where to eat, and where to do business. And their importance is only increasing," said Marc Ferrentino, Yext Chief Strategy Officer.

A recent Yext study found that a business listing with a similar rating, but with more reviews than a rival business, captures over 50% more clicks on average for a given search. And the reviews category continues to evolve as Google introduced two massive changes to its search algorithms this year that prioritize reviews in local ranking and change how to display stars from ratings directly in organic search results.

"The rapid evolution of reviews and the emergence of new review sources result in more complexity, and many businesses are struggling to manage their presence across all the sites that influence consumers," added Ferrentino. "Beating the competition requires a proactive strategy to leverage reviews effectively, instead of leaving them unaddressed."

Introducing Yext Reviews

Yext Reviews makes it easy for businesses to stand out with five key features:

  • Bewertungsübersicht: Erhalten Sie eine Übersicht über alle Standortbewertungen von Kunden – auch von denen auf Websites von Drittanbietern wie Google, Facebook und Yelp – an einem Ort. Automatische Benachrichtigungen informieren Unternehmen über neue Bewertungen, sobald sie erscheinen.

  • Review Generation: Encourage real customers to submit reviews based on actual visits and experiences. Leverage email, SMS, receipts, and five other channels to leverage in search.

  • Review Balancing: Yext's proprietary Review Balancing algorithm dynamically chooses the most impactful site to direct customers to ensure an even distribution.

  • Bewertungsveröffentlichung: Veröffentlichen Sie die Bewertungen, die Sie generieren, mit bereits optimierten auf Ihrer Unternehmenswebsite oder in Ihrer App, damit in Ihren organischen Suchergebnissen Sterne erscheinen.

  • Bewertungsbeantwortung: Beantworten Sie Bewertungen Ihren Bedürfnissen entsprechend. Mit passenden Arbeitsabläufen und Genehmigungseinstellungen können Filialleiter Bewertungen für ihre Standorte beantworten.

  • Bewertungsinformationen: Analysieren Sie Trends und Änderungen bei Bewertungen im Zeitverlauf. So können Sie Probleme bereits in den Anfängen beheben und treue Kunden je nach Wunsch belohnen.

Yext Reviews

Leading brands including Denny's Inc., are already seeing results with Yext Reviews.

"Making our guests feel at home is at the core of who we are, and so reviews represent an invaluable opportunity to help people understand the welcoming Denny's culture through authentic guest experiences, said Erik Jensen, Senior Director, Brand Engagement, Denny's, Inc. "Yext Reviews provides an easy way to invite our guests to review us online and spread the word."

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