Support & Services

Built to help you maximize the value of your investment

At Yext, your success is our success. Our Support, Implementation, and Services offerings are built to help you get the most out of Yext, every step of the way.


All Yext packages include Basic Support, which gives you access to highly skilled support resources to help put official answers about your business everywhere. Clients who prefer a more hands-on approach can take advantage of Premier Support, which includes a prioritized response queue, live platform assistance, custom reporting, and much more.

Basic Support
Included with all Yext packages. Some features require specific Yext products.
Premier Support
For direct enterprise customers only.
Contact Support
i Get support from Yext’s team of experts. x
By email
During business hours Monday-Friday
By phone or email
During business hours Monday-Friday
Authorized Support Contacts
i The number of users on your team who may contact Yext Support. x
Target Response Time
Within 2 business days
Within 8 business hours
Community Access
i Take advantage of Yext’s world-class help site, which includes documentation and training for everything from implementation to platform optimization. x
Multi-Language Support
i Available in English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, and Japanese. x
Access to User Creation & User Upload
i Give your team access to Yext by creating and uploading new users, as well as updating existing user information. x
Access to Entity Uploader
i Keep your Knowledge Graph up to date by easily adding and updating entities through Entity Uploader. x
Access to API Documentation and Integration Guides
i Learn how to integrate Yext with your current systems with Yext’s comprehensive API documentation and Integration Guides. x
Access to Developer Console
i Get assistance with creating and managing Yext-supported apps that help integrate with other systems and vendors. x
Critical Publisher Outage Monitoring and Resolution
i Our Support team will monitor our publisher integrations and escalate for resolution in the event of any outages. Requires Listings x
Access to Standard Dashboards and Insights
i Get a holistic view of how your business appears across the web. x
Prioritized Response Queue
i Get your questions answered with escalated priority in support queues. x
Case Management and Ticket Tracking
i We’ll manage, prioritize, and review your tickets on a recurring basis. x
Live Platform Assistance
i We’ll guide you through screenshare or phone walkthroughs on platform functionality as needed. x
Developer Support
i We’re here to help you with any Yext-based development project. Our technical experts will answer any questions and guide you through integration best practices. x


Yext is here to help you get up and running quickly, so you can maximize time to value.

Our implementation services vary based on how much customization you’d like to add to your Yext-powered landing pages or search experiences, and how hands-on you and your team would like to be.

Services Include
  • Answers Setup
    i We’ll implement a Yext-hosted search experience powered by Yext Answers that uses standard Yext UI search components, and if necessary, provide integration instructions for you to install this experience on your website. x
  • Pages Template Setup (Basic)
    i We’ll configure one (1) page template for a single Entity Type and one (1) built-in standard Locator module in Yext’s Page Builder (Locator modules require Live API). Configuration is for a single language and sub-domain integration deployment only. We’ll also install 1:1 redirects if necessary. x
  • Pages Template Build (Advanced)
    i We’ll produce custom page design(s) and directory page template(s) for a single Entity Type. Configuration can support multi-language/locale and sub-domain or subfolder integration deployment. We’ll also install up to two (2) 3rd-party integrations (e.g. Adobe or Google Analytics, embedded iFrame, pixel tracking) and 1:1 redirects if necessary. x
  • Locator Build
    i We’ll develop a dynamic locator page that displays entities based on user inputs, such as location, business/person name, or other filterable criteria. Configuration can support multi-language/locale and sub-domain or subfolder integration deployment. We’ll also install 3rd-party analytics integrations (e.g. Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager). Requires purchase of Pages and Live API. x
  • Branding Setup
    i We’ll develop optimized header/footer modules that match the look and feel of your main website with configurable link parameters. We’ll also develop a theme to match your website’s stylesheet, including fonts, font colors, text styling, and other branding guidelines. Once developed, these modules can be used on any number of page templates. x
  • ETL Build
    i We’ll develop and deploy a single-direction, batch data integration between the Yext platform and another system, either to import data into Yext or export data from Yext. Requires minimum purchase of 10 managed services hours/month. x
  • Custom Home Screen Implementation
    i We’ll configure layouts and permissioning for your Yext Home Screen(s), including design and configuration of up to five (5) custom modules and up to 15 data capture tasks. x

Managed Services

Beyond implementation, the Yext Professional Services team can help define your strategy, build your Knowledge Graph, built custom integrations, and more.

Delivered Via Professional Services Hours
  • Strategy
    i We’ll define the technological vision of your Yext Knowledge Graph, Pages, and/or Answers experiences. x
  • Data Modeling
    i We’ll help determine which entities, entity types, and fields you need in your Knowledge Graph. x
  • Data Cleansing & Loading
    i We’ll add, edit, and/or remove entities from your Knowledge Graph. x
  • Design
    i We’ll build high-resolution mockups and make visual edits to experiences powered by Yext Pages and/or Answers. x
  • Project Management
    i We’ll coordinate Yext resources to ensure timely completion of changes to your Yext-powered experiences. x
  • Development
    i Our engineers will conduct work required to implement, maintain, or extend Yext-powered Pages and/or Answers experiences, ETLs, custom dashboards, or any other custom code. x
  • Configuration
    i We’ll edit settings and configurations to improve your Yext-powered Pages and/or Answers experiences. x
  • Monitoring
    i We’ll monitor and suggest potential improvements to your Knowledge Graph, Pages, and/or Answers experiences by tracking consumer behavior, checking configurations, and handling errors. x
  • Optimization
    i We’ll make changes to your Knowledge Graph, Pages, and/or Answers experiences based on what we’ve observed from consumer behavior. x
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    i We’ll give and implement advice to improve the SEO of your Yext-powered Pages. x
Additional Services Available
  • Managed Duplicate Suppression
    i Our team will scan for, suppress, and report on duplicate listings on a recurring basis. x
  • Managed Review Response
    i We’ll prioritize and respond to reviews on your behalf, using responses that abide by pre-approved brand standards. We’ll also provide you with reports and insights on a recurring basis. x

White Glove Services

For clients who want Yext to help their field users — like franchisees, agents, advisors, or local managers — get the most out of Yext

Rolling out any new solution to your franchisees or local managers can be a challenge. Our White Glove Services team can help maximize the success of your program and provide field users with guidance and expertise to drive success with Yext.

Available Services
  • Program Promotion
    i We’ll help you promote Yext within your organization and increase adoption by hosting webinars and presenting at conferences with your field users. Includes one (1) webinar per month and up to two (2) conferences — including a booth (maximum $2,000), platform/product demo, and breakout session — per year. x
  • Platform Assistance*
    i We’ll support your field users through phone, email, and our self-serve help site. Includes troubleshooting, listings questions, and assistance with the Yext platform. Each license includes 100 total phone calls + emails per year. x
  • One-on-One Training & Advisory*
    i We’ll conduct one-on-one training sessions with your field users. Each field user can have up to two (2) 30-minute scheduled trainings per year. x
  • Content Approvals*
    i We’ll help your field users add individualized content to their Yext-powered experiences, using your brand guidelines to review and approve content. We’ll support Content Approvals on up to five (5) Knowledge Graph fields. x
*Available to individual field users

Truth be told the enormity of what Yext offers is not something that the folks within our four walls have the bandwidth to focus on. We had to find a vendor who'd be our watchdog for us — hold our hand, ensure we are doing the right things. Yext has done that for us, and then some. Everyone on the team from top to bottom is fantastic.


The service element of what Yext offers is a really big deal. From day one, the Yext team showed such a willingness to solve my core problems. They are forward-thinking and consistently go above and beyond to make sure we are optimizing our local presence and identifying potential opportunities for improvement. We rarely have to ask the questions because they continually anticipate what we're looking for.


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