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Empower your customers and agents to self-serve and get direct, actionable answers to support questions.

Yext AI Search for Zendesk adds a world-class search experience to your help center and agent workspace, seamlessly integrated with the Zendesk suite.

You can integrate search onto your:

  • Help Center to answer customer questions faster
  • Ticket Request Form to deflect new tickets
  • Ticket Sidebar to improve your agent efficiency

Meet new customer demands — and keep agents happy — with AI search


Year-over-year increase in unique support queries, 2020-2021*


“Remote Support” and “Remote Help” searches receive a 75% CTR*


of agents report feeling overwhelmed by volatility in support requests**

Answer support questions before they become support tickets

Yext AI search understands natural language questions, interprets user intent, and delivers contextually relevant, direct answers. Help your customers and agents find the information they need, when they need it — all within Zendesk.

Improve ticket deflection and reduce resolution times

Lift the burden on your support team and empower customers to self-serve with a cutting-edge search experience on your Zendesk-powered help center.

Increase customer satisfaction (CSAT)

Build strong brand loyalty by delivering a superior CX that provides direct answers to your customers' questions across your Zendesk-powered support experiences.

Gain new insights

See deep insights about your customers' search queries and journeys, and tie your search experience directly to cost savings.

Import content from anywhere

Map relationships and display results from any support-related content, whether or not it lives in Zendesk today.

Built on the Yext Answers Platform.

Learn more about the features behind AI Search for Zendesk that help you simplify self-service for your customers and support agents.

Our Extractive QA algorithm searches unstructured data - such as your Zendesk help articles, product manuals, blog posts, and more - to return direct answers in the form of featured snippets.

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Direct Answers, Not Links

Track the savings associated with case deflection and identify content gaps that need to be addressed. Automatically groups similar searches, even if they contain different query phrasings, to improve search at scale.

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Advanced Analytics

A new framework that makes it easy to add data to your Knowledge Graph from a variety of sources including a web crawler. Building your own Knowledge Graph just became easier than ever.

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Data Connectors & Web Crawler

Pick the right plan for your business.

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*Billed at $850 annually.

Best for 1-2 agents or search experiences

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100 Entities/Documents

5,000 Annual Searches


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*Billed at $2,000 annually.

Best for up to 5 agents or search experiences

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1,000 Entities/Documents

20,000 Annual Searches


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*Billed at $6,000 annually.

Best for up to 15 agents or search experiences

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5,000 Entities/Documents

50,000 Annual Searches


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Best for 15+ agents or search experiences

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Custom Entities/Documents

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