Yellow Pages of the Future

yellow pagesIf you’re over the age of 18, you’ve probably had some interaction with the Yellow Pages, most likely in the form of the Phone Book. You probably haven’t used a Phone Book if you’re under thirty (except maybe as a booster seat), but the Yellow Pages are coming back into style. The Internet Yellow Pages are an underrated form of local search and with their websites’ newest updates, you should definitely take a look.

Yellow Pages MovieIn case you haven’t checked out Yellowbook or Superpages recently, they’re looking great and they’ve added some cool features that make them more than just a search engine. Both sites now have mobile apps and, as we know, mobile is the future of local search. Both apps, which are free on iTunes have good reviews for their most recent versions and seem to have simple, attractive interfaces. The Yellow Pages app by Avantar also has a great movies feature that helps you find local showtimes.

Not only are the Yellow Pages now mobile, they’re also offering coupons and deals similar to Groupon, but much more localized, so you don’t have to live in a big city to take advantage of them. Be sure to check them out for your own use and to see if you would be interested in posting a similar deal of your own.

With cool new sites, mobile apps, frequent updates, and even original blog content, the Yellow Pages are projected to make a comeback in 2012. You’ll want to make sure that your business is listed correctly not only on Internet Yellow Page sites, but also across the web. Also be sure to check out our special Yellow Pages package so you can take full advantage of everything the Yellow Pages have to offer.


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