Localization of the Enterprise

Some business are big, some are small. Some have strong national brands, others are local favorites. But every business needs to have its own personality and stake within its community to succeed. What we’re seeing is a shift in marketing: the localization of the enterprise.

Localization will mean local content matched to local media and searches; localized marketing strategies will have to be able to leverage local experts to be as fast and flexible as the market.

Let’s say, for example, Walmart has fresh locally grown strawberries in stock. Since strawberries have a very short shelf life, that store needs to make sure people know that those strawberries are there right now.

There simply isn’t time to create rich local content, route it through a centralized marketing team, and then send it back to local sources for print, display and more.

What if, instead, the local store manager or regional director could make marketing decisions?

Our CEO, Howard Lerman, recently discussed this very issue in a column on Street Fight. Check out the full article and join the conversation.


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