Capture Business Moments With Our New iPhone App

Your business isn’t defined by only your address, phone number or hours of operation. It’s when a customers visits for the first time, new products in stock or when someone finds what they need. These are the moments make up your business.

Capturing and sharing those experiences is the best way to engage your customers. In fact, listings with updated pictures receive 247% more clicks.

What to Share

For businesses, it’s clear that creative, ‘behind the scenes’ photos perform better than formal marketing pictures.  To reach and engage your customers, capture and share those business experiences. Take a photo of the new dish, product display, or seasonal sale.

You should share them where you customers are looking: social media and business listings. Adding them to your digital profiles makes your business look more appealing and active, so customers feel connected and compelled to choose you.

Your profiles will look more complete with photos and rich information, so they actually become your mobile presence.

Changing your website and optimizing for mobile is hard, but updating your profiles – where your customers are already looking – is a simpler and more effective solution for your mobile presence. And the photos of your business moments are the key to your mobile strategy.

Redesigned Yext iPhone App

We knew we wanted to create a companion app as useful as the web product – because business doesn’t always happen in front of a computer screen. So we started from scratch and completely redesigned our iPhone app to make it easy to capture and share business experiences.

We ended up making the first of its kind business app for capturing and sharing content with customers. With it, businesses can:

  • Easily to capture photos of your business moments

  • Apply custom filters to make your photos look professional

  • Create text posts

  • Share your photos and add them to your photo albums

  • Optionally share the photos across your PowerListings Galleries

  • Set their profile picture and cover photo for your Facebook Page

The new iPhone app is available for download on the App Store here and is included in your PowerListings subscription. Once you have activated Yext Sync for Facebook, you can begin capturing and sharing the experience that define your business from the palm of your hand.

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