Yext Launches Xone to Power Real-Time Engagement with Mobile Customers

Yext is proud to announce the launch of Xone, its revolutionary new mobile audience engagement product that gives brick and mortar businesses a new way to serve their customers during in-store visits.

“A brand’s physical locations should be where they have the greatest home field advantage,” said Howard Lerman, Yext Co-Founder and CEO. “And yet, in our mobile age, we see stores struggle to engage in-store consumers who don’t have their apps installed. Xone combines two powerful technologies—Bluetooth® beacons and our award-winning Location Management Platform—with our growing Xone App Network to create real-time, mobile moments through which businesses can serve their customers better.”

Xone’s core feature, Xone Tips, enables businesses to serve mobile content screens to customers who are within range of an in-store Xone Beacon. Xone Tips are fully customizable and can be used by retailers, restaurants, hotels, financial institutions, and other brands with physical locations to provide useful content to customers including WiFi codes, new product information, sales promotions, and incentives to download a brand app or join a brand’s social media audiences.

“The real-time mobile engagement opportunity presented by Xone is unprecedented and should prove very exciting to businesses of all sizes,” said Yext CMO, Jeffrey K. Rohrs. “What better indication of brand interest and potential future loyalty is there than a customer visiting your store, restaurant or other place of business? Xone now gives brands an opportunity to not only engage those customers in the moments that matter, but also help build audiences for their own apps, owned content, and social media communications.”

For a limited time, Yext is offering a free Xone Beacon and Xone Tips to all businesses with a physical address in the United States. To request your Xone Beacon, please visit:


Also, to celebrate the launch of Xone, Yext is hosting BeaconMania NYC, a three-day open house from Tuesday, September 29th through Thursday, October 1st during which visitors will receive a tour of Yext’s headquarters and a hands-on introduction to Xone. To book your tour, please visit

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