Learn From the Best at LocationWorld 2016

By now, you’ve heard that LocationWorld will feature keynotes from record-breaking astronauts (The Kelly Brothers) and a Tony Award-winner (Hamilton’s Leslie Odom, Jr.). But do you know how many leaders in location technology and marketing will be speaking?

We have over 50 amazing speakers from companies like Google, Foursquare, Waze, Walgreens, Mastercard, and more who will take the stage at LocationWorld to discuss the future of location. Here’s just a few…

Dave Byrne Google daniel-lemin lw16_johanabhuiyan
Dave Byrne
Global Product Solutions Lead
Daniel Lemin
Head of Consulting
Convince & Convert
Johana Bhuiyan
Senior Editor, Transportation
lw16_markcampos-1 lw16_petercurzon-1 purna-virji
Mark Campos
Product Specialist
Peter Curzon
Director, Business Development
Purna Virji
Senior Manager, PPC Training

For anyone looking to dominate local marketing, fix data issues across maps, or even understand the impact self-driving cars will have on businesses, these speakers are a can’t miss! These individuals are blazing the location-based marketing trail, and guests in attendance will come away with actionable insights they can put into immediate use.

We’ve packed a lot into the two days of LocationWorld. Check out the full agenda and speaker list and continue to check back for more details. Visit location.world to learn more.


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