Introduction to Yext Analytics

Yext Analytics

There are plenty of marketing experts chomping at the bit (or the tweet), ready to explain why data is more critical than ever. What they often won’t bother to explain is that data, without context, remains pretty useless. Unless you can draw a clear comparison between your different data sources, and look at them all from a single view, you’ll just end up confused — and likely still somehow missing that certain piece of game-changing information.

Especially when your brand lives on more places than just your website — and today, that’s true for every brand — it can seem impossible to be certain of what consumers are seeing, and how they’re engaging with you. How do you measure your performance across all these places that you don’t own? Places you may not even know about?

That’s the problem we set out to solve with the completely reimagined Yext Analytics, part of our Spring 2017 Release. Yext Analytics centralizes data sources from all across the web, and it empowers you to see and measure consumer interactions far beyond your website.

See the full picture.

With Yext Analytics, we’ve combined tons of different data sources from all across the web. Our Insights Library contains 40+ hand-built insights from all our different sources, combining Yext data with insights from Google My Business, Google Search Console, Facebook Social Analytics, and more. This solves two problems:

  • Historic lack of visibility
    For the first time, you’ll be able to see profile view and click data from sites across the PowerListings® Network — many of which you couldn’t get data from if you didn’t work with Yext. 
  • Multiple logins and disjointed views
    Even for places that are not Yext-exclusive, like Google and Facebook, Yext pulls all the data together into a single view so you get a full picture.

Tell everyone the right story.

Of course, we’re not all data wonks! Analytics is about much more than the numbers. It’s about what you can learn from that information — and different people on your team are going to care about learning different things, depending on their role. Your CMO wants an overall view of performance, while your Social Media Manager needs to see trends across social engagement. On the other side of things, your franchisee wants to drill down to their specific location, and respond to individual views. Now with Analytics, it’s easy to create separate dashboards for anyone, so everyone can select the narrative the data tells them.

Watch Yext Product Manager Max Shaw walk you through dashboard creation — for everyone in your organization — with Yext Analytics.

You are the authority on your business’s knowledge — and that includes understanding how that knowledge impacts consumers at their moments of intent. Check back every day this week for more insights into how to dig deep into other parts of Yext Analytics.

The features listed above are now available in beta for Yext users. For more information about Yext Analytics and the other features in the Spring 2017 product release, request a demo or sign up for our webinar on March 23rd. Yext Partner? Sign up for the webinar here.


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