A Better Way: Digital Knowledge Is Dynamic (Part 3 of 10)

Digital knowledge is dynamic. It changes as your business changes, as services evolve, and as consumer expectations increase. At Yext, our customers update millions of attributes every month. What are they changing? Well, here’s just a sampling:

  • Store addresses, phone numbers, and GPS coordinates.
  • Hours of operation due to holidays or emergencies.
  • Contact and profile information for professionals like advisors, agents, brokers, and doctors.
  • Menu items, descriptions, and prices.
  • Granular product and service details.
  • Event dates, descriptions, and times.
  • Location and professional-specific photos and videos.
  • Seasonal specials and related content.

Expand these types of changes across hundreds or thousands of locations and 100+ intelligent services, and you begin to see why I believe that Digital Knowledge Management is a mission-critical practice area within brand-conscious companies. There’s no way to “set and forget” your digital knowledge because the public facts about your business are a living, breathing data set in need of active management and a source of truth.


The Yext Knowledge Engine can both be the source of truth for your digital knowledge or integrate and aggregate your company’s sources of truth so you are in a position to deliver dynamic, accurate, and timely information to the palm of every customer’s hand as well as your own internal systems. The dynamic nature of digital knowledge today not only renders solutions that rely on manual submission moot, it makes them a liability because they fail to provide the source of truth for your digital knowledge across all of the systems that matter to you and your customers. And that’s yet another reason I say that Yext provides a better way. 

Come back for post four when I’ll share one of Yext’s biggest strengths: it’s mission. Want more? In my whitepaper, A Better Way with Yext, I also provide a deep-dive into how Yext helps businesses of every size manage their digital knowledge and much more. Download the full whitepaper.


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