Meet the Yexter: David Dennis, Enterprise Account Manager

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Yext is a pretty great place to work (the greatest, some might say), and our secret to success is simple — we hire great people. In this blog series, we’ll introduce you to some of the Yexters who keep our offices humming with productivity and positivity. They’ll share a bit about their day-to-day responsibilities, and describe their personal journeys that led them to Yext.

David Dennis spends a big part of his day working on analytical reports for his clients. As an account manager for Yext’s enterprise healthcare clients, he ensures engagement stays high and relationships stay strong — by offering strategic solutions to data management issues.

David is no stranger to healthcare. Before joining Yext, he was a project manager for a company that did data management and consulting for the pharmaceutical industry. “I would make sure we were receiving the data, that our operations team was working through it, that our analytics team was working through it,” he explains. “Similar to how we do quarterly business reviews (QBRs) with our clients here at Yext, I would do data reviews for each client to help them figure out how they could better improve the trials they were doing.”

Prior to the clinical consultation company, David worked in project management at Boston Children’s Hospital. “I was working in the quality improvement department,” he says. “There were days I actually had to put on scrubs and go in during a procedure, and monitor what was going on. We worked to see different ways we could improve patient wait-time, or see how we could better improve a procedure — a heart valve replacement, for example. I’d look at how much time it took to start the procedure, to complete the procedure, and anything unexpected that happened during the procedure.”

Suffice to say, David understands the needs of the healthcare industry from the inside out. “Since I worked within that space myself, I understand the language my clients are speaking,” he says. “I know where they’re coming from.” Though while his experience with data management did begin in college — he worked in labs helping professors with their research — his educational background is decidedly removed from both healthcare and technology.

“I was an English major, actually,” he grins. “Not the typical major for working in tech, or doing account management. But I’ve always loved reading and writing. And actually, the ability to read things analytically, and have an analytical process, has been helpful in my career. If you know how to think critically and approach a problem properly, nothing ever seems too daunting. For me, a lot of that has to do with studying English, and the education I got at University of Michigan.”

David was attracted to Yext because of the growth opportunities he saw. Plus, he loved the energy and atmosphere of the office when he came in for his interview. “When I was applying to jobs, I researched Yext and I saw a lot people saying, ‘Yext has such a great culture,’ and how much they love it. Of course, that’s something you hear about at a lot of companies. Everybody says, ‘Oh we have a great culture.’ But that really does resonate here. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the best team that I’ve worked with. It’s a place I do like waking up and coming in to. It’s a place that really promotes doing a lot of hard work, but also having fun. Everyone is really smart and also really friendly. These are people I’m happy to be learning with and growing with.”

Want to join the Yext team? Learn more about our Account Manager role, and check out the rest of our open positions to find the right fit for your talents and experience.  

Want to join the Yext team? Learn more about our open positions to find the right fit for your talents and experience.

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